Through some amazing collaborations and wonderful businesses/individuals, we were able to collect 186 health and beauty aids baskets and distribute them this week to residents at two Senior Services buildings in Amelia/Batavia, residents at Amelia Court Apartments and some to the Christian Help Center. Our baskets were a wonderful addition to the Christmas sponsorships these people received from other organizations to help with items they needed and wanted.

At the Senior Services buildings, residents held a cookie exchange and friendships were made as the baskets were delivered. It was a wonderful day!

Milford High School DECA

Commander Coatings

Landmark Church in Batavia

Williamsburg First Presbyterian Church

Pierce Point Community Church

…and numerous wonderful individuals! Thanks to all for your support this wonderful holiday season!


If you ever have something to donate, we can help connect you with an agency serving Clermont families! Please call (513) 201-7112 or email


To find opportunities to volunteer with trusted agencies, CLICK HERE.



How many days until Christmas?!