When was the last time you were lost…really lost?! No paper map, no GPS signal and no human navigator sitting next to you giving you directions.  These same feelings of frustration and fear are similar to what families feel when they come to us for help. Many are navigating confusing and difficult life circumstances BUT there’s no reason they need to go through any of that alone.  Wrapping Clermont Together believes in utilizing relationships in order to help steer people in the best direction possible and we have some really great resources to share.

We believe it’s important for local schools, organizations and individuals to work together towards the common goal of meeting the physical needs of Clermont families while also providing opportunities for them to grow beyond their current situations. Above and beyond any gifts we give away, our desire is to offer relationships such as mentoring friendships, free family coaching and free professional financial education/counsel, etc…

Our purpose is to bring greater collaboration to Clermont County poverty and rehabilitation strategies beginning during the holiday season. In the collaborative process, we work with the Clermont County Safety Net Alliance to cross-check all participants for our Christmas drive to help ensure we help those truly in need and redirect those who attempt to abuse the system.

We also have trained counselors who work with the Ohio Benefit Bank (OBB) that allows us online access to complete applications for programs such as Food Assistance (formerly Food Stamps), the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Child care subsidies, etc…  Simply call (513) 201-7112 to make an appointment.

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