‘Who’ is Wrapping Clermont Together? WCT is a collaboration of agencies, businesses and individuals in Clermont County.  WCT is administrated by Landmark Ministries.

What do I need to do to sign up for Christmas help?  Call 513-735-9400 to get all details about signing up.  The Christian Help Center handles our registration process.

What paperwork do I need to bring to registration? You will need to bring your state picture ID, a social security card OR birth certificate for each person in your family and proof of residence (any piece of mail with name/address). The name on your state ID must match the name on the proof of residence.

Why do I need to show social security cards or birth certificates? This step in the registration process shows us the children listed are yours and/or you have custody of them.

What will happen at registration? Once you call to get registered, the Christian Help Center will give you information regarding pick up.

Why do you help Clermont County only?  We have a heart to reach out to our local community and most of our donors are from Clermont.  Additionally, we work with other agencies in Clermont to cross-check recipients (to the best of our ability) to help ensure recipients are only signed up with one agency. We do not have those types of agency relationships in other counties.

What happens if we have left over items? We have procedures in place to ensure accountability and to help plan and budget our resources for the following year which is in line with the best practices of other agencies.  Periodically, we’ll also share items with other agencies and vice versa.

What will happen at pick up? You will go to the admin table to sign in then one of our community volunteers will take you to get your items. *Note – You will need to present your picture ID at pickup.

If it is discovered that WCT applicants have already received help from another agency, are those applicants called prior to gift pick-up to be advised of this? Yes

Do you help families throughout the year or just at Christmas? At this time, we do not have funding to help with rent, utilities, etc… however we have relationships with the majority of Clermont agencies who often are able to help with these kinds of needs.

Do you have a Facebook page? Yes, check out https://www.facebook.com/WrappingClermont

Are my donations tax deductible? Yes, check out our ‘donate’ page.

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